The attached spreadsheet shows the responses to the questionnaire about a 20 mph speed limit in Pirton. The response will now be passed to County Councillor David Barnard who will advise on further action.

There were 156 responses, of which 132 voted YES and 24 voted NO.

This is 84.6% YES and 15.4% NO (or 5.5 to 1 in favour).

In general there were many comments against the use of speed bumps (only 1 in favour).

Many people argued that existing limits, especially on Priors Hill and West Lane, should be enforced.

The comment was also made more than once that speed in the central areas of the village was largely self-regulating, with parked cars and narrow roads restricting speed.

Some people argued that the extra expense and signage was unnecessary and asked how the limit was going to be policed.

One resident told of her experience of a 20 mph limit in her home village, where the effect was more negative than positive. She said that the village was safer before the limit was imposed and

said the police would probably be opposed to the idea.

The emphasis of people’s thinking seemed to be West Lane and Priors Hill, with Royal Oak Lane and the High Street mentioned to a lesser extent.

Notice Date: 13/06/2017