On this page are listed all outstanding planning applications within the Parish of Pirton. Each provides the relevant application number, the address of the property, the work proposed and the date by which objections or comments should be submitted to North Herts District Council Planning Department. For a full list of applications since 2014, click here.

Full details of the plans can be viewed online at where you should click on Environment and Planning, then on Planning Application search. Once you arrive at the page with the application you are interested in, you  can access full details of the application, including the plans and supporting documents. Other relevant information, such as a list of consultees, can be found by clicking again on the application number. Applications are also available for viewing under the Reports tab (under 'Planning').

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If you prefer, you can visit the District Council's offices in Gernon Road, Letchworth to view the plans and supporting documents during the consultation period. 


41 Bunyan Close, Pirton

posted 18 Nov 2020, 02:48 by Pirton Parish Clerk


Single storey front extension

Comments to Ben Glover by 10 December 2020

34 Cromwell Way, Pirton

posted 10 Nov 2020, 01:16 by Pirton Parish Clerk


Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension following demolition of existing rear conservatory

Comments to Ben Glover by 2 December 2020

16 Danefield Road, Pirton

posted 10 Nov 2020, 01:14 by Pirton Parish Clerk


Single storey front and side extensions
Comments to Thomas Howe by 2 December 2020

West Lane Farm, Pirton

posted 16 Sept 2020, 04:07 by Pirton Parish Clerk


Conversion of two existing barns into 5 dwellings

Comments to Ben Glover by 9 October 2020 

Oughtenhead Pumping Station, Hitchin Road, Pirton

posted 10 Mar 2020, 04:52 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 29 Jul 2020, 01:28 ]


RE-ISSUED on 28 July 2020. Changes made to archaeological requirements.
Upgrade of existing pumping station to provide nitrate removal plant and equipment including change of use of land for operational purposes and all associated works

PPC objected on various grounds to original application in April.
New comments to Ben Glover by 20 August 2020

Wrights Farm, Shillington Road, Pirton

posted 3 Jun 2019, 03:39 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 13 Jul 2020, 04:33 ]

19/01275/OP   Updated on 13 July 2020
Erection of four dwellings and conversion of timber barn to one residential dwelling, 
following demolition of existing farmhouse and associated farm buildings (all matters
reserved except access). (amended description and plans received on 01/07/20 and 10/07/20)

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