Parish Council

View from St Mary's Church
The members of Pirton Parish Council, elected in May 2015 to serve for a four year term, are:

Alison Smither - 712864
Owain Lister - 712623

Diane Burleigh - 713654

Tom Gammell - 712725

Jill Rogers - 712803

Nick Rowe - 712609

Ann Webb - 712304

Parish ClerkStephen Smith - 712279The Old Post Office, 6 Great Green, Pirton, SG5 3QD

Directory of Pirton Organisations - Link.

District Councillor - Claire Strong - telephone 01462 712438

District Councillor - Faye Frost - telephone 01462 768888 / 07773 230487

County Councillor - David Barnard - telephone 01462 768888 / 01462 673476

Parish Council Committees

            Staffing Committee

                        Alison Smither                     Owain Lister

            Sports & Social Club Committee (PSSC) 

                        Stephen Smith (Chair)         Rosemary Manders (Secretary)       Simon Maple                      David Saunders                     Alan Scott

Parish Council Working Groups

            Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (PNPSG)

                         Diane Burleigh (Chair)        Jonty Wild (Deputy Chair)        Tom Gammell (Treasurer & Secretary)

                         Gil Burleigh          Ann Webb            Clive Millar               Nick Parkin           Lorna Sexton            Jill Stuart


             Planning Working Group

                          Diane Burleigh         Tom Gammell             Owain Lister
Pirton Allotment Association-

                        Kate Carpenter - Chair          

                        Kate Myers-Smith - Secretary   
                        Richard White - Treasurer  

Pirton Neighbourhood Watch

                        Rodney Marshall

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