Polling Stations in the North Hertfordshire District

posted 30 Oct 2019, 02:12 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 30 Oct 2019, 02:13 ]

Below is the latest list of Polling Stations in the North Herts District.

Notice of Future Temporary Closure of Shillington Road

posted 9 Oct 2019, 06:35 by Pirton Parish Clerk

NOTICE is given that Hertfordshire County Council intends to make an Order under Section
14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all vehicular traffic from using that
length of Shillington Road, Pirton from a point in line with the western boundary of No.28
Shillington Road north eastwards for a distance of approximately 70 metres (“the Road”),
except for access.
An alternative route will be via Shillington Road, Priors Hill, Hitchin Road, Walnut Tree
Road, Royal Oak Lane, West Lane and Shillington Road.
The Order is needed because sewer connection works are proposed to be executed on or
near the Road.
If the Order is made, it shall come into force on 11 November 2019 for a period of up to 18
months. However, the restrictions specified shall only take effect at the times indicated by
signs on or near the Road.
A copy of the proposed Order may be inspected free of charge at County Hall, Hertford
between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm (excluding weekends, bank and public holidays).
If you have any queries about the proposed Order, please contact Carla Roccelli tel. 01767
691 638 at Parrott Utilities or Martyn Edwards tel. 0300 123 4047 at Hertfordshire County

County Hall 24 October 2019
Hertford Mark Kemp
Herts Director of Environment &
SG13 8DN Infrastructure

Vandalism at Cala Homes Holwell Road

posted 20 Sep 2019, 01:23 by Pirton Parish Clerk

Cala Homes has informed us that there has been further vandalism on their site at Holwell Road, with paint once more being thrown over some houses.
The Pirton Parish Council deplores this behaviour. It is simply criminal damage, and a criminal offence. The site has its planning permission, and those who work there are entitled to do so in safety and to be treated with respect. The Parish Council is endeavouring to engage constructively with Cala Homes over a number of issues in order to improve the site for residents and the Pirton community.  These acts of vandalism must cease!

Cala Homes and Car Parking in Holwell Road

posted 18 Sep 2019, 00:49 by Pirton Parish Clerk

The following is the text of a letter sent by the Parish Council to various addressees objecting to the proposed discharge of Condition 8 by Cala Homes.

S. Dicocco

Planning Officer

North Hertfordshire District Council                                 16 September 2019

 Dear Mr Dicocco,

 RE: 19/02124/DOC Condition 8 Cala Homes Pirton – Parking Holwell Road

 At the meeting of the Parish Council on the 12 September the Parish Council resolved to OBJECT to the discharge of Condition 8, the subject of the above planning application.

The Parish Council had a discussion with residents of Pirton, and in particular with the residents of Holwell Road Pirton. Our objections fall under three headings, Safety, Design and Character, and Resident’s rights.


 Cala and HCC Highways appear to think that the safety of Holwell Road, particularly for pedestrians, will be improved if all of the cars parked outside of No’s 2 to 24 Holwell Road are removed. We absolutely reject this notion. At the moment, the parking of vehicles there acts as a natural mechanism for slowing the traffic in both directions. Without some natural barrier, vehicles will pick up speed in both directions, but particularly from the Holwell direction as they round the bend and see a virtually straight road in front of them. It will be very difficult for residents of the cottages to step out of their front doors into the road if vehicles are travelling at 30mph (or more). Indeed, it will be very difficult for them to even put their heads out of the door to check for traffic without the risk of injury from a passing vehicle.

 Several of the cottages have a small front doorstep sticking out into the road. There is a genuine concern that these will not be registered by drivers, and that if, in order to avoid an oncoming vehicle, a car or lorry pulls sharply towards the cottages, the probability of striking such a step will of itself cause an accident, which may include damage to not merely to vehicle or step, but to the cottage itself. We all know that this short stretch of road has to be walked with care, as do many of the roads in Pirton. However, we are not aware of any, let alone any significant personal injury accidents along this stretch in the last 20 years. This would rather evidence our point, that the existence of parked car acts as a safety feature, instilling a sense of care in both drivers and pedestrians.

 HCC Highways last week sought our view on creating a pedestrian /cycle path, bounded by a solid white line outside of the cottages. We are not in favour of this. It will give a false sense of security to pedestrians and cyclists, creates a hazard for those leaving their houses, while failing to curb speeding by vehicles; indeed, as it would have the effect of narrowing the road, without providing a visual “clue” for drivers to slow down.

 Design and Character

 You are aware that Pirton has a Neighbourhood Development Plan and a Character Assessment which supports the Plan. The visual character of Pirton is important to its sense of self, and of its place in the countryside. Pirton has no double yellow lines; except outside of the primary school it has no white lines. Putting double yellow lines along Holwell Road, or even solid white lines, is completely out of character and contrary to the spirit of the Neighbourhood Plan. Many of our roads do not have pavements; Royal Oak Lane, for example, the next road to Holwell Road. This is a village, and those who move here, we assume, welcome these rural touches.

 Not only are yellow/white/both lines in the road completely out of character for Pirton as a whole, the effect, combined with the plethora of signage and standard lamp posts at Holwell Turn itself, will be to turn what was a gentle transformation from countryside to village into a harsh urban scene. This is exactly what the Parish Council, the Community and indeed the NHDC Planning Committee sought to avoid when considering the Cala planning application in 2016.

 Residents’ rights

 We have to say that we are deeply disturbed by the suggestion of removing the right of residents to park outside of their own properties, without consultation or consideration of the difficulties this will cause to residents, their visitors, and for delivery vans, service vehicles etc. As a Parish Council, our attention was drawn to this application by a resident who happened to come across it. We had not been consulted. The residents most affected had not been consulted, even though the removal of their right to park will adversely impact on their lives, and of course, on the value of their properties.

 It is not enough to offer one car parking space some considerable walk from their home; many residents have two vehicles. The terms of the “offer” are also of great concern; residents will have to prove their identity to a third- party commercial company, as well as the ownership of their vehicles, that the vehicle is taxed etc. And woe betide that they should break any rule; suffer secret surveillance (which is not done in this village) and any infringement will lead to a fine, or clamping. And this when hitherto they could park for free outside of their own homes.

 The car park offer is not the complete answer in any event. As one gentleman put it “when I come home with the shopping and my two year old toddler, what do I do? Leave the toddler in the car while I walk round with the shopping, or leave the shopping in the car, take the toddler home first, leave him in the house and then go back for the shopping? “  When Cala was making its application for Planning Permission, its agents discussed with us the offer of a car park space on their development for each of 2-24 Holwell Road. There was no suggestion that this was dependant on no parking outside of their homes, nor was it suggested that the residents in taking up a car parking space would not be able to park anywhere else within the development. In fact, it is the clear recollection of many of us that the offer was made as a bit of a “sweetener”, and that each house would have gifted to it the ownership of a parking space. The contents of the Ardent report are a long way from that original concept.

 Other Matters

 It would seem that the residents of Holwell Road are to be treated worse than residents of the Cala development. They are being offered only 1 car parking space, with no rights over it. By contrast, residents of the Cala development will get a minimum of two spaces which they will own, or, in the case of rented affordable housing will run with the tenancy, together with the ability of their visitors, delivery vehicles etc to park outside of their homes or elsewhere on the development. This detriment to the residents of Holwell Road simply cannot be right.

 Hertfordshire Highways has asked us whether “restricted parking” i.e. night-time only, would be acceptable, so as to leave “the road” clear for children accessing the school or buses. If this is the real concern of Highways, Cala and NHDC, it seems to us that a much less controversial solution is to hand, rather than banning parking on Holwell Road and sending children out into a more unsafe environment. The development has footpath access to Hambridge Way, which, at the designated “emergency access” exits on to a part of the Hambridge Way that is officially designated “a road” although no traffic uses it beyond the turn for Elm Tree Close and even then it is very lightly trafficked. There is lighting, albeit limited but no more limited than that along Royal Oak Lane which for most of its length has no pavement; and there are houses along this part of Hambridge Way.

 Residents of the development will surely use this access to reach the village directly and safely. The nearest bus stop for Hitchin is at the bottom of Royal Oak Lane; for residents nearer Hambridge Way it may be the High Street. Some school buses stop outside the Old Bakery in Holwell Road. We invite Cala and Highways and NHDC to enter into discussion with the bus companies to include a stop either at the entrance to the development or within the development to encourage and improve use of the buses, something that Cala’s transport strategy seeks to achieve.

 The Pirton Parish Council would welcome the opportunity to discuss these issues with you, Hertfordshire Highways and Cala Homes so a resolution to these issues can be speedily achieved.


Yours sincerely

 pp Jill Rogers

Chair Pirton Parish Council


Copied to:

 Simon Ellis , Development and Conservation Manager

Bim Afolami MP

District Councillors David Barnard, Clare Strong, Faye Frost

Mark Youngman Herts CC Highways

Mike Lake DLA Town Planning

Public Meetings on Crime - Bim Afolami MP

posted 10 Sep 2019, 02:19 by Pirton Parish Clerk

Bim has asked me to get in touch with you to make your local parish councillors and residents aware of the upcoming public meetings on Crime that he will be hosting. Bim will be joined by representatives from our local police force as well as David Lloyd, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


The purpose of these events is to provide local residents with an opportunity to discuss crime locally and identify areas that they feel require more attention by the local police force.


Please see the dates and times below:


  • 13th September 2019 (7-8.30pm) – The Sun Hotel, Hitchin
  • 17th September 2019 (7.30pm-9pm) – Kimpton Memorial Hall, Kimpton (Rural Crime)
  • 20th September (7-8.30pm) – Harpenden Town Hall, Harpenden

Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Unaudited Annual Return

posted 13 Jun 2019, 02:02 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 13 Jun 2019, 02:17 ]

The following documents are published (and displayed on the Parish Council Noticeboard)
in accordance with the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return
Notice of Public Rights and publication of unaudited annual governance and accountability return
Local Authority Accounts: A summary of your rights

They can be found in Documents\Finance\Annual Returns as 2018_19 Public Rights Unaudited AGAR
and will be updated on completion of the audit.

Road Closure and Bus Service wef 20 May 2019

posted 17 May 2019, 04:28 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 17 May 2019, 04:34 ]

A reminder to all that the road to and from Holwell will be closed from Monday 20 May 2019 for 12 weeks.
A modified bus timetable will run during this period, as advised previously in February..

Parish Council Vacancies

posted 14 May 2019, 01:07 by Pirton Parish Clerk

Two vacancies still exist for Councillors for Pirton Parish Council.

Please think about joining the Parish Council now – you can help to shape the future of Pirton, as well as becoming involved in ongoing and planned projects to improve village life for residents.

If you would like to be considered for co-option, please write to or email the clerk with an outline of your reasons for wishing to join the Parish Council and a little information about yourself.

Please note: The applicant’s name must appear on the current register of the Voters List or the applicant should during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date have resided in or within three miles of the parish or the applicant’s only place of work during the whole of the twelve months preceding the relevant date is in the parish. The applicant must not be debarred from standing as a Councillor.

For more information, please contact the Parish Clerk or any Councillor.

Road Closure and Revised Bus Service

posted 22 Feb 2019, 03:29 by Pirton Parish Clerk   [ updated 17 May 2019, 04:33 ]

Please see pdf document for details of revised bus service from 25 Feb 2019.

Road Closures

posted 24 Dec 2018, 01:33 by Pirton Parish Clerk

Road closure between Holwell and Pirton including bus service.

Summary of information from the Parish Council FB site.

Road closure 

Gas works

There are currently signs on Waterloo Lane saying that part of the road will be closed from January 7th for 12 days. This is for gas installation.


 The Parish Council have been in touch with Cala over their road closure  and have a meeting scheduled with them for January 15th.

Basic information so far:

Cala are aiming for Mid January for their closure. 

They are meeting Highways on January 7th and the date will be finalised following this meeting. 

They will let the Parish Council know as soon as they have a definite date. Cala Head Office will also be sending a newsletter out re the closure to Pirton and Holwell residents.

As far as we know the road will be closed from the triangle at the end of Royal Oak Lane to Waterloo Lane in Holwell.

Construction traffic will continue to come through Holwell into the site.

The road is scheduled to be closed for 16 weeks but this period also includes a buffer in case the works overrun. If the work finishes quicker than the 16 weeks, they  will reopen.

Cala are now on their Christmas break, returning to work on January 3rd They are still working on clarifying access and parking for residents on Holwell Road and will have more information in the New Year.

If anyone  urgently needs more information please contact the site managers when they are back from the Christmas break on January 3rd.

Paul Archer.  Project Manager.

Robert Douglas . Assistant Project Manager.

Pirton Public and School Bus Service.

Tom Gammell has  made enquiries regarding the impact on the public and school bus services, during the road closure period and has posted the following information..

‘The first thing to understand, is that currently, no final decision has been taken on what will happen, so please bear in mind that the information I have been given, may change.

During the period of the CALA closure, the buses from Pirton will go directly to Hitchin along Hitchin Road, and vice versa on the return journey. The pick-up points for this temporary service will be next to The Fox and next to The Motte & Bailey.

Just as a for instance, at the moment, the times of morning departure is some 15 minutes earlier, at approx. 07:53.

Do please bear in mind that this is what is proposed rather than finalised. However, there will not be a bus of any description travelling between Pirton and Holwell during the road closure period. The PC will update this as soon as we hear further from the North Herts Bus Users Group, who have been very helpful ‘

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